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Man I had a very good time at Kevin and shannons tonight. Like even though their older than me, they are really cool people to talk to. I must have been down there for like 7 hours. I think I need to do this more often. :) It was awesome just staying home this weekend, or should i say close to home.

Took my mom out for a pedicure and manicure for mothers day. It was really nice bonding time. Then came home and cleaned a lil. Tomorrow were going to the cove to eat dinner w/ the grandparents. I love the cove they have such good hot wings. Man Im looking forward to just eating dinner tomorrow.lol

Even though i didnt go out this weekend it still went very well. No drama or anything, which we all know high school is all about. I had fun bonding w/ the mom and then chillin down at the neighbors.

Oh yeah i talked to my mindy sue tonight. I hardly ever talk to her on the weekends. We havent hung out in a long time. But summer is coming up so that is all going to change...at least I hope so! Man i miss our little hangin out times we had.

but Im not even a lil tired right now. I dont even think I could fall asleep. But Im going to call this entry short cuz I think Im being too loud out in the computer room.

I LOVE IT!!! :)
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