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i love you guys

okay quick update cuz Im a loser..and I feel like if I went to lay down right now I wouldnt be able to fall asleep. So Im makin a update to kill some time.

Went out w/ jackie, james, and harley tonight. Can I just say that I seriously missed hangin out w/ all them. I had so much fun last night and tonight. You dont understand how upset and hurt I would be if anything were to happen between us again. Im just praying for the best! Thats all I can do..

Im wishing next weekend is as good as this ones! Jackie you were awesome this weekend Im sooooo very proud of you! I loooooove you, and I loooove James, and I looove harley...haha good times! More to come w/ them Im sure....

Well okay I know that was short..but even though I really dont think I can fall asleep, Im going to go try and lay down. I need some major sleep. I swear I didnt sleep a wink last night. Laying next to that certain someone can do that to you ;)..

well goodnight

you still get me:)
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