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last night=aMaZiNg

Last night was pure amazing. Hangin w/ my girl jackie and a few other people. It turned out way better than I had planned. Im just glad I dont have the same drama w/ a certain someone any more. He seriously is a great friend to have on your side. Got introduced to Morgan! :) Jackie girl we had some great times last night. Thanks for being there w/ me all night. I loooove you... Oh yeah gettin pushed in James' pool with our clothes on. Its just the little things that matter anymore. James stickin up for you at mcdonalds.."man jackie I told you he has your back."

Now tryin to make plans to go out tonight. Dont know if they will work out. I gotta convince my parents if I stay out tonight that I can get up monday morning. I can do it! I really want to go out tonight and hang w/ the same people. Everything seems right again. I reeallly hope it stays like this between everyone. I cant handle drama at this point in my life right now.

Okay Im done w/ this update..Lets just hope things stay like this!!
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