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so very confused

So last night didnt turn out like I had planned. Of course full of more confusion and drama like always. But I gotta say my brother being there with me did help alot.

So Mindy and Jackie came and picked me up. We went out to walmart so I could get a card for my dad's birthday. Went and picked up David. Then we came back to my house and there was this little surpise party thing going on. So it was nice.

Then we drove to bealles so i could pick out an outfit to wear for the night. Went over to jason's and were trying to make plans for the night. Headed to Mcdonalds. Yeah and then the rest from there was crazy. Talked to James :), but yeah that is a long ass story that I dont feel like typing on here. Lets just say I really need to talk to him again to figure out what the hell is goin on w/ us. But I think the whole hate relationship between us is over now. Which is all I wanted from the start.

Jason and I ended up coming home at like 10. So no parties for us...But by that time anyways I was ready to come home and just go to sleep.

Now today Im sittin here confused as hell waitin on a phone call from a couple people so I can get this stuff straightened out from last night. Man I'm so glad my bro was w/ me last night. He is so understanding and we talked about alot of different things. He made me realize alot and I feel so much better. I just wish he lived closer so I could talk to him more. He has changed so much for the better and I'm so very proud of him. All I can say is I love my family!:)

But over all I guess I had a pretty good weekend. Last night could have been better, it being my birthday and all but hey what can I say.
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